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It is a very sad day in the world of female hockey and for all the friends and relatives of Marty Sexton, who was killed in San Antonio, Texas, on Feb 16, 2015 as he attempted to cross a highway on foot and was struck by a vehicle. Marty, who was 51, was also a prominent and well-liked Stonewall businessman, and lovingly cherished by Diane, Jodi and Allison. Everyone loved Marty – he was everyone’s friend.

As we all know, Marty put his heart and soul, along with thousands of hours of volunteer work into his passion - promoting the development of female hockey, across the board! Hundreds of female players and families were given opportunities to be on a team, attend a tournament, perform in a showcase, or enjoy a hockey trip/tour all over the world because of his efforts. His generosity was endless, and his intentions were selfless; players were also assisted by Marty, as he humbly ensured that financial challenges would not hinder a talented female player from any development opportunity. He was always working on programs and strategies to take the level of female hockey development a step higher - just look back ten years and see how far female hockey has come in Manitoba and abroad!

Marty Sexton made female hockey development happen in our province, and everywhere else, too! He supported a strong female program in his hometown of Stonewall, and had hockey connections in every village, town or city. He could rattle off the names of all the hockey movers and shakers around. He was very instrumental over the past 14 years in overseeing the Royals hockey program – a program where many players, especially from rural areas, would benefit from this program as it was a step up from the development many were able to receive in smaller communities - this summer program inspired and encouraged these rural players immensely; and these players carried back these skills and this intensity to their community teams. Thus, a win-win situation for all!

Marty was also instrumental in the creation stages of the Two Nations Female Hockey program – once again, a pioneer who blazed the trail so others could continue to have development opportunities in Canada, as well as into the United States. Two Nations offered top notch competition, the strongest teams, and many of the best players in North America who continue to benefit from the Two Nations hockey program today. A trailblazer in this genre, he remained positive and optimistic that his efforts would surpass the many, endless roadblocks put in his way – but in the end, the girls came out victorious!

Marty loved  to see  the girls and families having fun, making new friends, and enjoying social times together - those values were a priority for him, and used to measure the success of these programs as well.

Just this week alone, we recognized nearly 75% of Team Manitoba at the Canada Winter Games in BC were ROYALS players, or played on teams in the Two Nations hockey program, or other tournaments he organized. Take a look at any NCAA Division 1 or Divison 3  team, the CIS teams, or the college teams and you will be hard pressed to not find a Manitoba female player who participated in the programs Marty Sexton created –  and he did this so our female players could learn the game, love the game, and live their dreams!

What an amazing legacy he leaves for every female hockey player and family.

And really, at the end of the day, it is not relevant of how much you accomplished, how wealthy you are, how powerful or famous you became...as people basically remember HOW YOU MADE THEM FEEL.

Marty Sexton respected, and was respected, by each person he met – and he had an incredible gift to make each player, parent, grandparent and friend to always feel very, very special. That is his greatest legacy of all.

His memorial service will be held Monday, Feb 23, 2:00 pm at MacKenzies Funeral Home, 433 Main Street, Stonewall, Manitoba.

If you wish to participate in the ROYALS hockey program gift, please see details below. (c/o Cindi Rempel Patrick – (204) 326-8571)

  • Tribute submitted by Cindi Rempel Patrick, a very grateful ROYALS, and TWO NATIONS hockey parent and family


In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations be sent to one of Marty's passions....the development of female hockey!

74 Brabant Cove
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2N 4R2

Cash or Check accepted

Donation envelopes will be made available at the Funeral Home

If you live far away, please mail a check or money order to the above address, and state ‘In Memory of Marty Sexton’

Marty’s other passion...Delta Waterfowl –  www.deltawaterfall.org.  Unit 22-62 Scurfield Blvd, Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1M5.



ATTENTION: ROYALS HOCKEY PROGRAM PLAYERS – Each ROYALS’ team, and each  ROYALS’ player was Marty's pride and joy...Marty made a significant contribution through the opportunities that were made through the ROYALS Hockey program, and later through the TWO NATIONS  HOCKEY PROGRAM.

The family has requested that all female hockey players who ever played in the ROYALS FEMALE HOCKEY PROGRAM to wear their ROYALS JERSEYS TO THE SERVICE.

If you have an extra jersey, please bring it for someone else to borrow for the occasion.

Don’t have a jersey?  We will bring the present ROYALS jerseys to the Funeral Home for you.

There will be some hockey moms at the Funeral Home entrance to direct all ROYALS players to a special room where we can distribute these jerseys.

1) Please respond by Sunday, Feb 22nd   to Cindi Rempel Patrick  - director@steinbachartscouncil.ca  -  if you are attending, and need to borrow a jersey.

2) Please respond  by Sunday, Feb 22nd  to Cindi Rempel Patrick  - if you are attending the service and have your own jersey - AND if you have an extra jersey to bring.

The jerseys will be worn throughout the service.  At the end of the service, please return the ROYALS jersey to the same room.

FAMILY MEMORIAL GIFT  - An opportunity to contribute to a gift for the family, in MEMORY OF MARTY  SEXTON and the ROYALS HOCKEY PROGRAM (optional)

This gift will represent a little something from each of us who benefitted along with hundreds of other Female Players/Families who were given opportunities/tournaments/trips for development of the game they loved!  Marty Sexton made that happen for Female Hockey in our province – and oversaw the ROYALS hockey program for many years.

As members of the ROYALS Hockey program, we felt we would like to offer a gift with lasting significance for the family.

We have Allison's ROYALS jersey (#18) and are asking all ROYALS players, past and present, to sign this jersey at the Funeral Home, prior to the service.

$15 contribution - If you wish to participate in the gift of mounting/framing this signed ROYALS jersey.  These contributions are open to players, parents and grandparents.....anyone who came to support ROYALS hockey in any way may contribute and will be asked to sign the card at the service.  Any extra funds collected will be put in a Female Player bursary fund through the TWO NATIONS program.

IF you are a former ROYALS player who is unable to attend the service but would wish to participate, we will put your name on the jersey for you and you can forward your contribution to us. 

Please contact Cindi Rempel Patrick by email for details.


Thank you. Marty Sexton will live on in each of us....as we continue to support the development of Female Hockey...in Marty’s memory!

Announcing 'Futures Hockey'

Two Nations Female Hockey is proud to launch its new name 'Futures Hockey'. The Two Nations Female Hockey name will continue to operate in several areas of the organization but new and exciting initiatives will be run under our new name. The staff of Futures Hockey looks forward to continuing to deliver excellence in all of its service offerings. Keep your eyes and ears open for new and exciting initiatives that we hope to be able to announce soon!


Welcome to the home of Futures Hockey. We are excited to launch our new company name and improved website which will help us better serve the hockey community in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

Futures Hockey was established in 2007 and its early years were spent operating a spring league in Manitoba, North Dakota, and Minnesota. The staff at Futures Hockey wanted to do more for female hockey and in 2010 became more than just a female spring hockey league. We have expanded and become a year round broad-based female specific hockey organization.

With that Futures Hockey struck a two-phase strategic alliance with the Pembina Trails School Division. In 2012, the first phase of the agreement was launched  and the Shaftesbury Titans Prep female hockey team was born. The team is nearing completion of its third season of operations and has had reached a tremendous amount of success so far. The team has finished both of its first two years ranked nationally in the top-3 in Canada for Sport School programs and has achieved a 94% success rate of placing its graduating players in NCAA, CIS, or ACAC hockey programs. This year, we launched the second phase which consisted of a 'pilot' skills academy hosted by Ecole Charleswood School. This program offered 39 hours of on-ice skills based training to its student-athletes.

In addition to these exciting initiatives, Futures Hockey also operates camps, leagues, showcases, and teams. Be sure to visit our website frequently to keep up to date on our offerings.

Countdown to 2015 Spring League Series


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